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Everyone wants to hire great engineers. But what makes you a great engineer?

“The real measure of a great engineer is how quickly that engineer can simplify a complex problem and develop an easily understood and maintainable solution.”

Martin L. Abbott and Michael T. Fisher, “Scalability Rules”

Then again, how do you become a great engineer?

By learning from great engineers.

I believe in life-long learning, and I enjoy participating in groups that share my interests. I’m sure that many of you feel similarly, and that’s why I’ve launched a DevOps learning community called The Server Room.

Join The Server Room

The DevOps learning community you’ve been looking for.

Do you want to push your career to a new level? The Server Room is a safe and friendly place where you will find new skills, support and motivation. These are the major benefits available only to members of The Server Room:

Community platform

A private online forum provides our amazing community members with a safe space to grow.

Office Hours

Live calls in which you can AMA—ask me anything!


Join our monthly member-led hangout calls to exchange insights, talk shop, network, or simply to have a pleasant chat.


In our guided community workshops, we take practical projects from idea to production. The goal is for every participant to finish with new skills and hands-on experience.

Deep Dives

In my Deep Dive sessions, I do live demonstrations of my processes and workflows, allowing participants to ask questions and discuss alternative approaches.

Hot Seats

One member presents an issue they’re struggling with, and gets helpful feedback from me and the other participants.

Exclusive content

Get access to additional learning content in my members-only blog posts!

  • …you’re passionate about DevOps and eager to engage in meaningful discussions, share insights, and learn from fellow enthusiasts.
  • …you value collaboration and enjoy participating in a supportive environment where members actively help each other overcome challenges.
  • …you’re looking to expand your network within the DevOps community, connect with like-minded professionals, and build lasting relationships.
  • …you thrive in an environment where camaraderie and mutual support fuel everyone’s growth.
  • …you’re solely focused on consuming information passively.
  • …you prefer solitary learning experiences and are not interested in engaging with others or participating in community activities.
  • …you’re not into receiving feedback or offering assistance to others.
  • …you’re looking for a quick-fix solution or a one-way communication channel rather than an collaborative community experience.

My vision for The Server Room

I want to help as many people as possible to succeed in their engineering career. But I can’t help you become a professional engineer with a pre-recorded course. I can’t help you become a prolific software developer or system administrator with a single cohort-based workshop, either.

Having success in the IT industry requires constant learning, practice, and above all – time. In view of this constraint, the best way for me to support you on that journey is through an ongoing relationship in a place where I can share my know-how and experience with you for months or even years.

That’s why in The Server Room, I’m active in the forum and in direct messages every day. I also host regular live sessions, for example open Office Hours and 1:1 member Hot Seats. In addition, I create and curate the best training resources I can to help you grow your skills and practical experience.

This DevOps learning community is where I’m able to apply my experience and insight to your individual needs and situation. And equally important – it’s a space for us all to learn together.

Learn about best practices in software development, infrastructure ops, and team collaboration. Solve issues together. Get a bit of relief from the daily grind. Join our membership community and have fun learning with a great bunch of people!

You don’t have to do it alone.

We’re happy to help.

Break the limits of solitary learning.

Collaborative learning is scientifically proven to be more effective and to yield more long-lasting results on personal development than trying it on your own.

  • Accelerate your skill development. Learning content available exclusively in The Server Room enables you to quickly grasp new technologies and industry best practices.
  • Enhance your problem-solving abilities. You’ll learn to tackle complex challenges by leveraging the collective intelligence and diverse perspectives within The Server Room.
  • Strengthen your innovative mindset. By exchanging ideas and creative solutions with your peers, you will develop and apply cutting-edge approaches and technologies.
  • Develop strong teamwork and collaboration skills. Collaborative learning facilitates effective knowledge transfer within teams. These skills are particularly important if you want to succeed in projects that require coordinated efforts from diverse teams.
  • Build a professional network. In The Server Room, you’ll meet lots of DevOps practitioners who’ll be happy to connect and can be of help with advancing your career.

Become more committed, motivated and accountable.

  • In The Server Room, we highly value shared responsibility among peers, fostering an environment where team members feel collectively accountable for project success.
  • Members of our DevOps learning community receive peer support and encouragement. We cultivate a sense of camaraderie that will help you stay motivated during challenging tasks.
  • Getting real-time feedback from your peers will help you stay on track, make necessary adjustments, and ensures that accountability is not only about meeting end goals but also about continuous improvement.
  • The interactive nature of The Server Room taps into your intrinsic motivation. That is to say, our members derive a deep sense of purpose and personal satisfaction from meaningful discussions, problem-solving activities, and shared successes within the community.

Access knowledge that’s not available elsewhere.

The Server Room is a place where practitioners share their knowledge and experience. Additionally to the asynchronous collaboration on the community platform, we also host regular live events.

  • Office hours — During my live-streamed office hours, I answer questions posted to the community platform or asked live during the call.
  • Hot seats — These are 1:1 conversations between me and one community member. All community members can join the call to ask questions or share ideas in chat.
  • Community workshops — In these workshops, we drive a practical project from basics to production. Community members work together under my guidance to complete the project successfully. When the workshop is finished, every participant leaves with new skills and hands-on experience.

Membership plans

Become a great engineer in The Server Room.

We help our members to grow their skills and careers by providing a safe space to learn, share and reach their professional goals. In our DevOps learning community, we work together to explore new ideas, useful technologies and best practices that help you succeed.



  • Access to our safe and friendly community platform
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Office Hours
  • Hangouts


  • All BRONZE benefits
  • Hot Seats
  • Deep Dives
  • Exclusive content
  • Recordings of community events



  • All SILVER benefits
  • Community workshops
  • Call in to my live streams
  • Early access to new content
  • Special discounts

All membership fees are charged as a monthly subscription.

from €75/month
Access to forum and chat
Weekly newsletter
Office Hours (Q&A)
Community Hangouts
Member Hot Seats
Deep Dive sessions
Recordings of community events
Access to exclusive content
Community Workshops
Call in to live streams
Early access to new content
Special discounts
Mentorship and 1:1 coaching


I have been engaged in building online communities since the 90s when I ran my own Bulletin Board System (BBS) on a 386 PC. I’ve been a member of countless online communities since then, am running my own Mastodon instance, and I’ve seen many community platforms come and go. I’ve learned that a community needs constant care in order to provide value to its members, and that care has to be sustainable. That’s why I’ve decided to make my community a paid membership. This also has the positive effect of keeping the community to people who continuously contribute to its health and value.

Decades of working in web operations led me to view data safety as one of the most important aspects of running a service on the internet. They have also taught me that the best approach to managing the risk of a data breach is to minimize the amount of data being handled. For this reason, I’m using Stripe as my payment gateway. None of your payment details are visible to, let alone stored by this website. They’re managed exclusively by Stripe, and only a customer ID connects your membership account with your Stripe details.

Unfortunately, that’s not possible, for technical reasons. My membership software only allows one payment gateway. And because of its versatility and constant improvements, I chose Stripe for handling membership payments.

Great, I’ll be happy to answer it! Simply send me a message.

So much to learn!

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