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In this issue, I propose that learning is not a spectator sport. I have a coupon code for free access to The Server Room, and another bunch of great reads.

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Last week, I officially launched The Server Room! 🎊🎆🥂

More on this in the new community section below!

In The Server Room

Just a few days after the official launch, we already have some interesting first write-ups from our founding members. (Being able to compose long-form posts in Markdown is such an improvement over the limitations of Discord!) I'm also cross-posting my blog entries to the forum so we can discuss them in the comments.

Have you considered joining The Server Room? As a newsletter subscriber, you can use the coupon code "2C4657C9C9" at checkout to get the first month of your membership for free! The code is for a BRONZE subscription; you can upgrade it to a higher level at any time if you like. (But don't wait for too long with signing up; the coupon will expire at the end of the month.)

Recommended reading

As an online teacher, I always recommend additional material to my students with which they can expand their horizon. Here's a list of reading tips I've curated for you.

Getting started with Radicle

When do developers get some rest? When Github is down. Yeah, so much for "decentralized source control"! An interesting alternative with a fresh approach is Radicle. It's an open source, peer-to-peer code collaboration stack built on Git, designed to put users in full control of their data and workflow.
On a side note, I love that the Radicle team uses Zulip as their chat system!

Building engineering

Managing an engineering team has a lot of nuances. In this article, Ben Werdmuller takes a look at three specific angles: organizational context, team leadership, and technology trends.

AI isn't useless. But is it worth it?

It is a bit surprising that Molly White, author of the highly critical "Web3 is Going Just Great", isn't completely opposed to genAI and LLM. In this article, she actually offers a more nuanced perspective. But still, it pushed me over to cancel my Copilot subscription.

Why We Continue Our Quest for Silver Bullets

"There is one silver bullet for product development—the speed of team learning time." Johanna Rothmann argues that culture is more effective in speeding up product development than any new tool or method.

Simple Precision Time Protocol at Meta

In case you're wondering how SRE looks like in practice, here's a great example! This article by the Meta engineering team explains in depth why and how Meta engineers implemented a simplified alternative to the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) that does the same job, but more efficiently.

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